Mr. Igor Barát





Mr. Igor Barát

European Regional Office
International Investment Bank




Originally a journalist, graduated in Journalism and International relations, Igor Barát spent 12 years with Slovak TV as a foreign news reporter and correspondent from various areas, including permanent correspondent from Hungary. In 2003 joined the financial sector as the spokesman for the Slovak central bank – National Bank of Slovakia. In 2007 appointed by the Slovak Government as the nation´s Plenipotentiary for the Introduction of the Euro in Slovakia, responsible for coordinating all technical and administrative changeover preparations nationwide. In 209, after completing currency change project, he joined the private banking sector as a member of the Board of Directors in Poštová Banka in Bratislava. Since April 2015 – director of the then newly established European Regional Office of the International Investment Bank (IIB) in Bratislava, responsible for IIB´s operations and business development in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.