Mr. Jacques Pelkmans

Mr. Jacques Pelkmans
Senior Research Fellow

Jacques Pelkmans  is Senior Fellow at CEPS  ( in Brussels  and visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges. Between 2001 and August 2012 he was Jan Tinbergen Chair  and Director of the Economics dept at the College.  A Ph. D.  in economics from Tilburg University, he has been associate professor of economics at the European University Institute in Florence, professor of Economics at the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht) and professor for European Economic Integration at Maastricht University.  He has held a part-time position at the WRR (think-tank of the Dutch Prime minister), is founding  Director of the European Institute of Asian Studies in Brussels and was professor in ‘Business & Europe’ at the Vlerick Business School  (Gent, Leuven, Beijing, St. Petersburg). Dr. Pelkmans  has been advisor to the European Commission, the OECD, the World Bank, UNIDO, ASEAN  and governments in Europe and Asia. He was a member of the Eminent Persons Group of ASEAN reporting to the ASEAN leaders in the Singapore Summit of January 1992,  and co-chair of the Indonesia/EU High Level Group preparing a trade and economic partnership and FTA (2010/11). In 2015,  he was a member of the High Level Group on the Single Market Strategy appointed by the European Parliament. His research interests comprise several specialized areas in European economic integration (e.g. EU regulation, the internal market, network industries, European standards, regulatory impact assessment, EU trade and investment policy, incl. TTIP and CETA) besides design and technical aspects of ASEAN economic integration (esp.  the AEC), plus ASEM.  and  .


Recent publications :

  • Tomorrow’s Silk Road – assessing an EU/China Free Trade Area, project leader and co-author with Federica Mustilli, Joseph Francois and others, 2016, April, as CEPS ebook [ ], pp. 325 ; as book June 2016
  • The ASEAN Economic Community, a conceptual approach, 2016, Cambridge University Press, March, pp. 215
  • Rule-makers or rule-takers ? Exploring TTIP, 2015, co-edited with Daniel Hamilton, Rowman & Littlefield International, pp. 585 ; awarded as the Best Think-Tank book of the world in 2015
  • The contribution of mutual recognition to international regulatory cooperation, with Anabela Correia de Brito & Celine Kauffmann, OECD Regulatory Policy Working Papers no. 2,  January 2016
  • Enjoying a single market for network industries?, 2013, Paris, Notre Europe, Studies & Reports no.  95, February, with Giacomo Luchetta, see
  • Why the Single Market remains the EU’s core business, West European Politics, Vol. 39,5, pp. 1095 – 1113 (2016)
  • TTIP : definition, rationale and significance, Intereconomics, Vol. 50/6, November /December 2015,
  • Better science for better EU regulation, European Journal of Risk Regulation, 2014/3, with Lorna Schrefler
  • Single eComms market ? ….. no such thing, Communciations and Strategies, no. 82, 2011, 2nd quarter (with Andrea Renda)
  • Single Market : deepening and widening over time, Intereconomics, Vol. 46, 2, March / April 2011
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