Mr. Michael Peer





Mr. Michael Peer
KPMG in CEE, Prague



Michael Peer has spent the past decade building a team of dedicated forensic professionals servicing clients with interests in CEE and abroad. His personal focus is assisting clients with disputes and regulatory compliance. In that context, he has helped banks in the region respond to enquiries by FINCEN and other regulatory bodies. His work has been used to satisfy correspondent banks that his clients’ AML procedures are sufficient and appropriately implemented. In addition, his work has been used to obtain court orders nullifying sanctions imposed upon entities by the European Commission and to convince other regulatory bodies to remove entities from sanction and watch lists. He has assisted law enforcement agencies document money laundering as part of criminal proceedings while also helping clients refute allegations of participating in bribery and corruption. Michael has also been involved in the analysis of transactions at banks that have failed in the region, with a view to recovering funds on behalf of the creditors.