Mr. Peter Alexanderson



Peter Alexanderson
CEO Founder
Covr Security




Peter is an experienced entrepreneur in the IT industry and therefore has the necessary skills to spearhead the company in this early stage of sales and development. He has been part of several start-up companies in the last 24 years and has the vision and experience to see the niche in the market where there is a demand and create a solution. BankProof´s journey began already in 2002, when Peter started elaborating on the idea to remove passwords for good. Peter wanted to take security to another level and having been part of the early development team of what today is the BankID mobile solution, he was able to create the safest and most advanced cyber security platform available in the world. During this journey he had an IT Company with a focus on security and vulnerability testing for homepages. Prior to that, he ran a graphics company with a prepressmachine that was distributed world-wide.




CEO Founder at Covr Security AB

October 2013 – Present

Bank security Login, transaction, payment.

Covr by Covr Security is a Swedish innovation project incorporated in February 2015.

Covr Security´s journey began already 2002 when inventor and founder Peter Alexanderson started elaborating on the idea to remove passwords for good. Encouraged by friends and colleagues we spent many years testing with proof of concept and develop what now came out to be a much greater solution.

Peter filed the patent 2014 which basically can let two devices that are in sync know where to find information without telling the other part where the information is to find.


Owner at Solidx

April 2001 – Present

SolidX AB (Inc.) is a specialist organization that delivers know-how spanning the entire IT field. Our goal is to always have available consultants to utilize in large and small projects. Customers shall be able to turn to us with confidence in order to find the person or

persons that are required to strengthen their own organization, be it in a short or long timeframe.



January 2005 – July 2012 (7 years 6 months)

We secure all digital transaction and take away all known hacking threats in one program.





ATM fraud

Man in the middle attack


Are all been taking care of and that without using password!


X Graphic Service

February 1993 – April 2001 (8 years 2 months)

Trading pre-press machines worldwide and making service at pre-press equipment


Service Engineer

June 1986 – May 1999 (12 years 11 months)

Making service at Norsk Data computers had customer like Nuclearpower stations and military industry.


Service Engineer at Fujifilm Medical Systems

February 1993 – April 1994 (1 year 2 months)

Making service at Medical x-ray equipment


Service Engineer at Fujifilm Graphic Systems

March 1989 – April 1992 (3 years 1 month)

Making service at Graphical Pre-Press machines