Mr. Sergey Bekrenev

  Mr. Sergey Bekrenev
European Legal Service 
Ph.D. in Economics
The founder and the President of “European Legal  Service” company. The cofounder of Saint-Petersburg regional social fund “Golden Ten”.  The author of a new product category for B2B and B2C markets – legal abonnement.
2003 – Co-investor of advocatory insurance sales project in Germany – legal on-line service.
In 2007 he established “European Legal Service” in Russia, being the first to offer legal on-line twenty four – seven service in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland. In 8 years there are more than 300 000 clients and 2 000 000 consultations in all areas of law.
The ideologist of the unique conception «Ю Cloud» – «Law cloud of knowledge» for timely feedback, improvement of customer service quality, process automation, expenses optimization.
The expert in Knowledge Management sphere in Russia, the participant and the speaker of Top – Class International business congresses.
The founder of a number of raw material industry companies, transport-logistic services, high technology start-ups («Deep Brain», etc.)
He is fond of travelling around the world with his family, plays football. He is into scientific developments in the sphere of efficiency upgrade of key directions in business.