Mr. Szabolcs Hallai

Mr. Szabolcs Hallai
Lead IT auditor and Cybersecurity Expert
IT Business Consulting Hungary Ltd.

Founder and contributing owner of IT Business Consulting Hungary as well as Chief Information Security Officer of Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority is experienced IT (24 years) and ITSEC (18 years) expert responsible for operational organizing and overview of cybersecurity in more than a dozen organizations which includes banking, insurance and financial investment. He conducted more than 62 IT/Due diligence/AML audits and 35 IT Risk Assessments, was successful in ISO 27001, ISO 20000, COBIT, MiFID based organizational and operational restructuring with a knowledge of relevant USA, EU and Hungarian AML legislation.
Szabolcs’s primary goal as an auditor and/or consultant is to reconcile the everlasting dilemma of an IT/ITSEC being a business based function inside of a non IT core business entity. By becoming a skilled expert of both worlds – business and information technology he tries to discover control and system errors and to help them correct the best possible way.
Specialities: Expertise on the field of AML, MiFID, General Internal Audit, Due diligence, IT Auditing, QA and Consultancy, Risk Management, Policy Compliance, ISO 27001/17799/BS7799, ITIL, COBIT, IT Security, Legislation compliance, IT governance.