Ms. Clare McCaffery



Ms. Clare McCaffery
Managing Director
Creditinfo UK, Coremetrix



After graduating from The University of Leeds, with a degree in Accounting, Clare began her career in Corporate Finance at Royal Bank of Scotland.

Always most excited by entrepreneurial projects Clare embarked on a 17 year career in consumer risk management when she became a founding member of the team at  Callcredit, now a leading UK based bureau. After four years working on the commercial strategy at Callcredit Clare looked for a fresh challenge and joined the newly established emerging markets team at global scoring firm FICO where she delivered some key products that are now at the heart of scoring and cross border risk assessment.

Since her FICO days Clare has spent time working with Alchemy Partners, a PE firm investing in credit management solutions, completed an MBA and studied for a Graduate Diploma in Law as well as learned to play golf, the hardest challenge yet!

Clare joined Coremetrix at its inception in 2012 and continues to serve as Managing Director. She is proud to lead a diverse team of data scientists, psychologists, creatives and engineers creating new data which is changing lives around the world by unlocking affordable access to finance and insurance products