Dr. Sándor Patyi



Dr. Sándor Patyi, Chairman of BACEE;
Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy CEO,
OTP Banka Slovensko



Dr. Patyi graduated from the Marx Károly University of Economics, Budapest, Faculty of Foreign Trade. He got PhD from the same university in 1987.

He started work at Hungarotex Foreign Trade Company as sales representative and joined Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank Rt. (MKB) as Bank economist in 1981. He held different positions at MKB at the International Department, International Banking Relations Directorate and MKB Corporate and Financial Institutions Directorate. He became responsible for MKB Sales and Customer Relations as Deputy CEO in 2001 and in 2005 became MKB Wholesale Deputy CEO.
In 2010 he joined to OTP Bank Plc. as a Director and in 2012 he became Member of Supervisory Board, OTP Banka Slovensko. Since 2013 he has been Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy CEO of the bank.


He is Chairman of the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE) from its foundation in 1996.


Language skills: German, English