Speaker – Ms. Nerminka Hromić

Ms. Nerminka Hromić

Head of the Licensing Division
Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Born on June 7, 1954, in Požega, Croatia.
Graduated in 1977 at the University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Economics, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Diploma of master study in economics in the field of International Economy in 1989, at the University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Economics.

38 years of working experience: economist for exports in Energoinvest Sarajevo; statistical researches and accounting and bookkeeping in The Institute for planning the Development of Sarajevo City; economist-advisor in the Secretariat for City planning of the City of Sarajevo; Head of Foreign currencies bookkeeping in the Financial Department of the National Bank of B&H, in Sarajevo; Head of Off-site Division int he Banking Agency of Federation of B&H; last 18 years Head of Licensing Division in the Banking Agency of Federation of B&H, also taking part in overall supervisions and controls of the banks in Federation of B&H.

Other experiences: took part in the Working Group of the Central Bank of B&H for making criteria for internal payment systems by banks; several times guest-speaker about banking in B&H at Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo; speaker on invitation at 3rd Vienna Banking Forum in 2009; took part on  the Technical Meeting of Supervisors of RZB Group, organized by FMA Austria, in 2010 in Vienna; took part at the Meeting of European Commission Sub-Committees (on Internal market in Brussels in 2010 and on Economy and Finance and Statistics in Sarajevo in 2010); seminar on managing Liquidity in the Islamic Financial Services Industry in Istanbul, 2010, organized by the Central Bank of Turkey; from 2003 the speaker at BACEE’s conferences „Country and Banking Risk”
Specialistic knowledges and trainings: seminars, workshops in banking business; diploma in Islamic sciences; certified internal auditor.

Wrote and pressed series of professional articles in different magazines in the field of banking.