Media Partners of the 37th Conference


bne IntelliNews was set up in 2006 and is today the leading English-language publication covering business, economics, finance and politics of the 30-plus countries of emerging Europe, Central Asia and North Africa. bne is unique as it is the only publication that has reporters living and working in all the countries we cover from Istanbul to Vladivostok and Tallinn to Tehran. Our core markets are: Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Turkey. bne’s award winning coverage is read by the leading international investment banks, the top funds with billions AUM, government and embassies from across Europe, multinationals working in the region and other media that rely on bne’s quality and timely in-depth reporting and commentary to keep abreast of developments in the region.




At Lafferty Group our mission is to deliver strategic insight and connect decision-makers in the global banking and payments industry.

The Lafferty Banking 500 delivers a unique benchmarking service. Our proprietary methodology uses banks’ annual reports to build up a detailed picture of their overall quality based on factors such as strategy, management effectiveness and organisational culture. We take a detailed, long-term look at a range of qualitative and quantitative factors to assess banks’ competitive position, while our expert analysts provide additional market context.