Mr. Nikola Korbar

Mr. Nikola Korbar
Center for Economic Research Belgrade
Nikola Korbar is CEO of Center for Economic Research Belgrade (CEIB) which focuses on certified trainings for numerous domains, ranging from cybersecurity, auditing, banking, quality and many more. He was founder and CEO of
DigitalMoneyPulse, online cryptocurrency education platform and Founder and Owner of Crypto Telegraph, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news website until both were incorporated into CEIB. Besides his education business, he is also co-owner of a cryptocurrency mining center in Belgrade, Serbia.

Prior to his position in CEIB and foundation  of  DigitalMoneyPulse, Nikola’s expeirence includes various positions in middle and top management in several companies, trading on Forex markets and one e-commerce startup. Nikola’s first business steps were in his father’s family business, NiNa Trade – car parts import/export business for Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Austria.

Nikola has a degree in and Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology at University of Nicosia and Economy at Belgrade Business College