Mr. Péter Benyó




Mr. Péter Benyó
Chief Executive Officer
OTP Mobile


Peter is the leader of OTP Mobile, the company behind the Simple application introduced in 2014, which provides an unmatched and comprehensive shopping experience to its users on three mobile platforms.
Being an avid fan of the latest technologies, Peter firmly believes mobile payment should not be regarded as a plain transaction process but rather a true experience by combining ground-breaking ideas with tools available in a given environment.
For the past ten years, he has been working on contactless payment technologies. Prior to establishing OTP Mobile, he started his career at OTP Bank (Hungary’s largest retail bank) as a project manager – where he had a substantial role in managing the introduction of PayPass to the Hungarian market -, and later served as the division head of the bank’s card business department, specializing in contactless payment solutions. He has also been giving lectures on digital product development and database technology at János Selye University.