Speaker of the 38th Conference

Mr. Adi Gross



Adi has an extensive 20 years of public and private export credit insurance and reinsurance experience. Since 2017, Adi Gross is dedicated to serving Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) as an Appointed Introducer for RKH Specialty.

Adi started his career as an underwriter at ASHRA, the Israeli ECA in 1999 and he was promoted along the years to a Chief Underwriting Officer. He has significant experience working with MLT export credit transactions in emerging markets worldwide, and especially with reinsurance structures, with more than 130 transactions reinsured.

In 2007, Adi joined Zurich Credit and Political Risks Insurance, where he spent 2 years as a business development manager in CIS/CEE countries.

Adi rejoined ASHRA in 2010 and resumed his role in the underwriting team as Chief Underwriting Officer where he gained over 7 years of experience. After serving in total for more than 14 years, ASHRA is now among the leading ECAs to use the private market for reinsurance solutions.

In parallel to his work at ASHRA, Adi was officially elected as a Vice Chairman of the Berne Union MLT committee from 2015 until 2017. In 2015, Adi served as the Chairman of the Berne Union reinsurance specialist meeting and in 2016, Adi published an article: “Reinsurance – An ECA Point of View”, Adi Gross – Berne Union Yearbook, 2016 / TXF.

In 2003, Adi gained an MBA, majoring in Finance and Accounting from Tel-Aviv University. In 1999, Adi graduated with a BA hons in Economics and Business Management from Ben-Gurion University.