Speaker of the 38th Conference



Mr. Corneliu Munteanu
Economic Counsellor of the President

Moldova Agroindbank


Corneliu Munteanu is an economic practitioner, obtaining in 2016 his PhD degree in assuring sustainable economic security and regional economic integration. Mr. Munteanu started his career in the private sector as senior economist (Economic Analysis Department), responsible for the analysis of income and expenditure accounts of the enterprise and the implementation of integrated system – Microsoft Navision Business Intelligence. Subsequently, during the period 2013-2016, Corneliu Munteanu has a working experience in the public sector, as a senior specialist in the Department of Tariffs and Economic Analysis. He worked intensively to regulate the natural gas sector and to initiate the implementation of the Energy Package III in Moldova. As a local expert, for the last 3 years he advised the EU High Level Adviser on banking implementing Basel III standards in Moldova’s banking sector.

Being passionate by public speaking and research, from 2012 until now, Corneliu has been running lectures at the Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova, being qualified to teach courses in Romanian, Russian and Englishh.

Author and co-author of over 20 national and international publications.