Mr. Richard Parlour

Mr. Richard Parlour, Principal, Financial Markets Law International

Richard Parlour is an experienced international financial markets lawyer. He runs Financial Markets Law International (, a new kind of law firm focusing on financial markets, and making compliance profitable. He has worked at LIFFE, and in Brussels with the European institutions. He advises on compliance transformation for financial markets and their participants, including deterrence of financial crime, enhanced due diligence, and accelerated learning. He won and ran the largest EBRD project (restructuring the capital markets of a CEE country) where all recommendations were adopted. He has also done the UK’s leading example of compliance transformation, and is UK Strategic Regulatory Advisor of the Year 2013. He has been part of the UK’s money laundering experts group and was appointed the UK expert on a European Commission anti-corruption project. He has written a book on money laundering deterrence worldwide and numerous articles and speeches on the subject.