Mr. András Bácsfalvi
Director of Compliance
MKB Bank
    Mr. Andras Becsei
Chief Executive Officer
OTP Mortgage Bank Ltd.
  Ms. Olga Bejenaru
Marketing Manager
Moldova Agroindbank
Mr. Glenn Brouwer
Director, Watson Financial Services Solutions
& Long Term Business Development
  Ms. Gabriella Biró
Head of IT Supervision
Central Bank of Hungary
               Ms. Sheri Brandon
  Mr. Antun Burić
Deputy Head of Institutional Sales – SEE   
Erste Group Bank AG   
  Mr. David Chance
VP Payments Strategy
  Mr. Olivier Denis
Senior Product Development Manager
Payment Solutions

  Mr. Gunter Deuber
Senior Director
Head of Economics, Fixed Income and FX Research

Raiffeisen Bank International, Raiffeisen RESEARCH
Vienna, Austria
    Mr. Gergely Fábián
Executive Director
The Central Bank of HungaryChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Budapest Institute of Banking

Mr. Adam Farkas
Executive Director
European Banking Authority (EBA)

  Mr. Adi Gross
Appointed Introducer
RKH Specialty
  Dr. Rebel Y. Hanna
Chief Executive Officer
Dexter Capital Financial Consultancy L.L.C.
United Arab Emirates
  Mr. Márk Hetényi
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
MKB Bank
  Mr. János Jaksa
MKB Bank
Mr. Vedran Jakšić MSc
Senior Executive Director
Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Mr. Alexander Kuznetsov
Business Solutions Manager Mobile & Cronto
VASCO Data Security

Mr. Pavol Latta
Risk Analyst
National Bank of Slovakia

Mr. Igor Leshukov
BSTDB Vice President Banking
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

  Ms. Silvia Mahútová
IFRS expert and owner
of www.ifrsbox.com
                Ms. Réka Martini
              Managing Director
              MFB Zrt.
  Mr. David Moucheron
Chief Executive Officer
K&H Bank
  Mr. Kevin A. Murray
Citibank’s CEO for Central Europe and
Country Head for Hungary
Mr. Alain Nadeau
Head of Office
European Investment Bank
  Mr. József Németh
Deputy CEO
Online Business Technologies
  Mr. Vladimirs Pankratovs
Director of Sales
CEE, CIS & Asia
  Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil
CEO and Board Member
Banka Kombetare Tregtare
  Mrs. Tamara Perko
President of the Management Board
Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR)
  Mr. Evgeni Petkov
Associate Director – Financial Institutions
Dagong Europe Credit Rating
  Mr. Kalin Radev
Software Group
  Dr. Andrei Rădulescu
Director of Macroeconomic Research
Banca Transilvania & Institute For World Economy
Romanian Academy
  Mr. Gianluca Salsecci
Head of International Research Network
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A, Milan
  Mr. Mitesh Soni
Senior Director
Innovation and Fintech Ecosystems
  Ms. Olga Ulyanova
Vice President – Senior Credit Officer
Moody’s Investors Service Ltd.

Mr. Milan Valasek
Risk Management
International Investment Bank

Mr. Balázs Vértes
Senior Banker
European Regional Office
International Investment Bank

Mr Andrew Wu
General Manager and Board Director
Dagong Europe Credit Rating

Mrs. Ildikó Zátrok
Director, International Relations Directorate
Hungarian Development Bank


Ms. Andrea Zengő
Chief Information Security Officer
Black Cell Kft.