Sponsors of the 39th Conference

International Investment Bank

As a regulated and listed Swiss Bank (SQN), we guarantee the highest level of security and compliance for our partners. We work to build a solid, long term partnership being sensitive to your needs and your core business. Swissquote has a long history in Foreign Exchange and positions itself as a leading bank for retail and institutional FX brokerage.

  Banking Circle – Global Banking Services

Banking Circle is a next-generation provider of mission-critical financial services infrastructure leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network. Banking Circle empowers financial institutions to support customers’ trading ambitions – domestic and global – whilst reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions.

By becoming a member of the Banking Circle, financial institutions can offer their customers banking services – from payments to loans – to help them trade domestically and globally, efficiently and at low cost. Importantly they can help their customers improve cash flow through enhanced speed of settlement whilst remaining fully compliant with financial regulation.

Banking Circle is empowering financial institutions to support their customers’ international trading ambitions, without the need for multiple banking relationships, whilst reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions.


EastNets® is a leading global provider of compliance and payments and cloud solutions for the Financial Services industry. Over the past 30 years EastNets has built distinctive expertise to develop and implement standardized and individual solutions against financial crime, and for risk management, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support. Over 750 customers including some of the largest international financial institutions rely on EastNets solutions and professional services, and over 300 corporate and financial institution rely on EastNets for outsourced SWIFT connectivity and compliance software solutions made available as a service through its fully managed service bureaus. EastNets is a global company with regional offices in major cities, supported by a large network of global strategic partners.





 OTP Group

OTP Group as a dominant banking player in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region provides high quality financial services for its more than 18,5 million private and corporate clients in eleven countries through its almost 1500 branches, agent networks, 3900 ATMs, internet and electronic channels. Since its 1949 founding, the company has developed to a universal financial service provider banking group. In 1990, the National Savings Bank became a public company with a share capital of HUF 23 billion. Its name was changed to the National Savings and Commercial Bank. Subsequently, non-banking activities were separated from the bank, along with their supporting organizational units.

OTP Bank’s privatization began in 1995. As a result of 3 public offers along with the introduction of the bank’s shares into the Budapest Stock Exchange. Currently the bank is characterized by dispersed ownership of mostly private and institutional (financial) investors. OTP Bank has completed several successful acquisitions in the past years, becoming a key player in the region. Besides Hungary, OTP Group currently operates in 10 countries of the region via its subsidiaries: in Albania ( OTP bank Albania) Bulgaria (DSK Bank, Expressbank), in Croatia (OTP banka Hrvatska), in Romania (OTP Bank Romania), in Serbia (Vojvodjanska banka), in Slovakia (OTP Banka Slovensko), in Ukraine (CJSC OTP Bank), in Moldova (Mobiasbanca) in Montenegro (Crnogorska komercijalna banka, Podgoricka banka) and in Russia (OAO OTP Bank).The continued development and expansion of OTP Bank have significantly contributed to the successful and efficient operation of the banking group, which can provide high quality services for both the retail and the institutional clients. Despite the intense competition OTP Bank market position is stable in several segments, as well as in terms of profitability and stability the bank belongs to the European frontline.


ApPello is a leading software vendor specialized in front-to-back-office banking solutions are covering all phases of any lending related activity. ApPello is headquartered in Budapest and it is strongly represented in the CEE region by further 3 offices in Bucharest, Prague and Vienna. Since 1998, we are constantly developing our platform (ApPello Digital Platform) which is currently one of the most powerful and prevailing in the CEE region. We use proven technologies combined with the latest innovations available at the market, which helps to speed up and simplify the implementation in many legal entities. ApPello’s principles are innovative products and professional expertise that provides superior customer experience, flexibility to follow fast changes in market and hence support digital transformation. Our solutions’ biggest benefit is the easy-to-modify platform, which can be set by the end users without IT involvement.

Capsys Informatics Ltd., established in 1998, is a Hungary based independent software and services company delivering expert consultancy and IT solutions for capital markets and banks in 15 countries ranging from North Africa through EU to Russia and the Central and Eastern European countries. As a private company Capsys is still owned by its founders who are former executives of financial services companies. This fact has determines the business philosophy of Capsys and put us in a somewhat unique position within the IT industry: we have a very strong business focus and expertise, supported by excellent IT experts of software development and implementation. This dual role enables Capsys to bridge the gap of understanding between business and IT areas, and to provide essential resources to ensure the success of each project.

At present the staff of over 100 in the Budapest head office and 7 in the Moscow office are supplemented by commercial representatives in London and Montreal.

Capsys is proud of being a part of the digital and payment transformation two large Hungarian banks, OTP Bank and the Takarek Group.


RENOMIA GROUP is the largest insurance broker founded in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Since 1993, RENOMIA has provided comprehensive risk management services and insurance for companies and their employees. RENOMIA continues to successfully develop its activities throughout the region, with companies in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. RENOMIA is also the founding partner of RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS – a partnership of the leading independent insurance brokerage and service firms across further 27 countries in CEE. Earlier in 2019, AJ Gallagher, the fourth largest insurance broker in the world, acquired a minority stake in RENOMIA. POLIPINS-RENOMIA is the Hungarian subsidiary of the group, a top-ten corporate insurance broker also with reputation in insurances of the financial sector.