Webinar recommended by BACEE

A conversational case study webinar: OTP Bank and Alyne
How OTP Bank’s innovation drove success in transforming processes and technology to manage Cyber Risk effectively, using the Alyne SaaS solution as an enabler

Summarised Agenda
5 Mins – Intro from Istvan Lengyel, Secretary General, BACEE
  • Welcome attendees
  • Short word on the importance of transformation and modernisation of the cybersecurity toolkit of a Financial Services organisation.
10 Mins Introduction from Alyne facilitator, Stefan Sulistyo
  • Cybersecurity trends and recent learnings
  • Introduction of OTP Information Security Team and Innovation Team
  • Short Backstory: From PoC to Production
30 Mins Discussion around Innovation within OTP and Alyne
  • How OTP, a leading bank in Eastern Europe, was able to innovate. Discussion around the challenges that the bank was facing, and the aspects that aided in innovation.
  • Most banks have innovation investment, but does that always translate into real benefit and value to the organisation? How did the innovation program help to achieve this?
  • A focus on the OTP Information Security team: What has the benefit of this engagement and innovation been? Which use cases have been adopted? What learnings can be derived from the collaboration?
  • How the OTP Innovation Program helped the cyber/ risk team at OTP Bank
  • Advocating for innovation within your organisation.
15 Mins – Q&A
  • Question delegation facilitated by Stefan Sulistyo.
István Lengyel – Secretary General, BACEE  • Stefan Sulistyo – CCO, Alyne
        • Zsanett Andresin – Innovation Consultant, OTP Bank
 • Dr. Róbert Csató – Head of Department, OTP Bank

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